Consignment is when you leave your items with us and we sell them for you. We are agents for the sale of your home furnishings and you continue to own them until the sale is made. We have a 90-day contract that spells everything out clearly, so that you will know just what to expect from us. We try to sell your items for as much as the market will bear for pre-owned and gently used furniture. The proceeds are split 50/50.

What are we looking for in consignment furniture? We sell only quality, gently used items and this is what we like to see:

►Items in ready-to-use condition

►Items from a smoke-free environment

►Items that are clean and in good to excellent condition (free of stains, pet hair, etc.)


Call us! We will discuss the items that you want to consign and if they meet our standards, we schedule a day for our truck to pick them up. It is helpful to send us pictures of your items, but it is not a requirement. All appraisals are done in the store. Our furniture pick up is complimentary if you have two or more large items. If you have only one large item, we have a fee to pick it up, but we are happy to do so. Our drivers bring a two-part copy of our consignment contract. They leave you an itemized receipt of the items that they pick up. Later, our appraiser will call you and confirm the price range within which your item is expected to sell. As a rule of thumb, the best that items sell for is 50 percent of what they did when they were new. You may also drop items off at our stores, as long as you call ahead

We mail checks once a month, after an item is purchased and paid for in full. Checks go out by the 15th of the month following the completed sale. We ask you to contact us at the end of the 90-day time period to discuss whether your items have sold. If they did not sell, we can renegotiate for additional time, donate the merchandise to charity and send you the receipt, or you may take the items back.

Consignment Furniture Gallery and Consignment Furniture Showroom were the first stores of their type in Pinellas County. We are members of the Better Business Bureau and both stores have A+ ratings. We continually strive to maintain our integrity and excellent reputations. Our goal is to exceed your expectations so that you will tell your friends and neighbors about the excellent job that we did for you.

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